Stream and Analyze Hyperspectral Data in Real-time

Without compromising on transmission times or integrity of the data. From the air, in space, or on the ground, Compression.ai helps industries take immediate action on their data from defense to earth observation to manufacturing.

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Hyperspectral and hypertemporal imagery generate vast amounts of data — up to petabytes per day — making transmission, storage, analysis, and sharing of data extremely challenging and straining on computing resources


Preserve Raw Data

Analyze and build a library of raw imagery, without losing a single bit of data. In this day and age, data is digital gold, securing the fuel needed to train future machine learning models.

All Data Types

Our algorithms are built to handle data of various different types originating from a variety of different sensors. Use Compression.ai on any data type from LIDAR to radio frequency data.

Accelerated Data Processing

Accelerate downstream tasks such as classification or object detection by compressing spectral data to a fraction of their original size.


Transmit data over 50% faster, from data centers or edge devices.
Increase the capacity of your storage devices by up to 2x.